Tuesday Time-Lapse: Icy Finger of Death

Here’s yet another first-to-film from the BBC Natural History Unit, the wizards that have consistently produced the world’s best nature programming for the last 50 years, including recent blockbusters like Planet Earth and Human Planet. The magnificence of the descending ice tendril juxtaposed with drama of the invertebrates’ plight, too slow to escape, make this scene perhaps even more spectacular than the similar sequence filmed for Life.

The new documentary series Frozen Planet hits American TV’s on March 18th. Discovery Channel was originally planning to air only 6 of the 7 episodes, as the last deals primarily with the threats facing our planet’s ecosystems from climate change and all too many Americans are hostile to the current scientific consensus. (Meanwhile, the clowns over at the Discovery Network have been working tirelessly to bring us quality science programming like Finding Bigfoot and 700 shows about how fishermen have dangerous jobs – I get it already!) Fortunately, somebody came to their senses, and Discovery has announced that they will indeed be airing all seven episodes.

Bbbut, it’s still narrated by Alec Baldwin. That’s just not okay with this nerd, so I’ve had the original BBC version on preorder from Amazon for almost a month now, which is narrated by the best in the business: David Attenborough. If you’ve had the displeasure of listening to Oprah’s version of Life, I think you might agree that it’ll be worth the extra month or so that I’ll have to wait to see it on Blu-ray.

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3 Responses to Tuesday Time-Lapse: Icy Finger of Death

  1. Katy says:

    Alec Baldwin?! Blech. I can wait also.

  2. Collin says:

    Just got around to looking at your blog, and it’s GREAT. I’m trying to watch this in NZ, but it’s not available 😦

    • Patrick says:

      Thanks Collin! Much appreciated. I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from the writing bit at the moment, though. I’m slowly working on creating and hosting my own website for this and have [perhaps foolishly] decided to generate my own WordPress theme, so I’ve gotta learn a bit of PHP/HTML/CSS to do that. We’ll see how that goes… I’ve had very little time with AAS coming up.

      Anyway, Frozen Planet is ggggreat. Definitely a much-see, though I’m not quite all the way through it yet myself. I’m excited to hear all about your NZ adventures! I suppose that will have to wait until you return to avoid the international calling rates (and time difference)… When do you get back?

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