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Sunday Funnies: Interstellar Dust

Photos of cosmic dust after the jump. Advertisements

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The bone-breaking Lammergeier: a truly awesome avian

Number 9 on my top ten animal countdown goes to the Lammergeier, a denizen of the high mountains in Europe, Africa, and the Himalayan region. German for “lamb vulture,” this enormous bird was so named for the belief that it … Continue reading

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Tuesday Time-Lapse: Icy Finger of Death

Here’s yet another first-to-film from the BBC Natural History Unit, the wizards that have consistently produced the world’s best nature programming for the last 50 years, including recent blockbusters like Planet Earth and Human Planet. The magnificence of the descending … Continue reading

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Orbiting Saturn: the Solar System’s most interesting planetary surroundings

First up on my top 10 favorite astronomical objects list, the ringed giant. Crown jewel of the backyard astronomer, Saturn’s rings were visible through the first telescope ever turned to the night sky and are often the target of choice … Continue reading

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The delightfully abominable Yeti Crab

Kicking off my favorite fauna list at number ten is the Yeti Crab. Ghostly white and bristling with fine hairs, this species dwells in one of the most interesting habitats on the planet – the hydrothermal vent – and it … Continue reading

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